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Ceramic Coatings

The best way to enhance and protect a vehicle's paint is with high quality ceramic coatings.  They provide a resilient coating that offers excellent protection against light harmful UV rays, scratches on the paint surface, brake dust, oxidation and weathering, bird droppings, tree sap, accumulated dirt and debris, bug residue, pollen deposits, and acid rain stains. Additionally, cars with high-quality ceramic coatings are much faster and easier to clean. They tend to stay clean longer due to their hydrophobic properties--that keep foreign elements from actually impacting the paint.

KP Elite has partnered with Fireball Ceramic Coatings who utilize state-of-the-art technology to create coatings that cure into a hydrophobic shield. Their crystal-clear coatings offer the highest level of protection with hardness above above 9H (an industry achievement well above standard applications). Additionally the their coatings will not affect the original paint hue, basically invisible. Fireball Ceramic Coatings were created to bond with paint and ensure exceptional, long lasting protection for years--guaranteed. 

Fireball offers an extensive line of protection products for all types of surfaces. Every product is formulated for unique characteristics and optimized for specific protective needs. Each Fireball coating provides unparalleled results in its durability, hydrophobicity, chemical resistance, scratch resistance, and gloss level. 

It is important to note that the longevity of ceramic coating protection depends on proper ongoing maintenance and regular inspections. For best results, KP Elite will recommend and guide you on these intervals.

In addition to ceramic coatings for paint protection and gloss levels, KP Elite Auto Detailing offers different types of ceramic coating applications to cars, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles in addition to exterior ceramic coating options: ​


Glass Coatings

Glass coatings can reduce nighttime glare while protecting against corrosion, bugs, pollen, acid rain, and mineral build-up.


Ceramic coating with hydrophobic properties increase visibility and self-cleaning effects that repel water and ice. Also minimizing windshield wiper necessity--and thus extending their life.


Interior & Plastics

Leather protectant, plastic rejuvenator and color dye transfer protection can withstand extreme high/low temperatures, repels contaminates, as well as, protects your vehicle from damaging UV rays.


The hydrophobic formula utilized by Fireball Coatings is designed and optimized specifically for trim molding, bumpers, cowls, roof rails, and engine bay covers and components.


Wheels & Components

Ceramic coatings for wheels, brake components, engine parts, and other high-heat surfaces.

Applying Fireball’s Talon® coating provides resistance against adds the best durability, gloss, and shine while combating rust and corrosion.

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Why Fireball

KP Elite has been chosen to represent Fireball Coatings. They are an international premium vehicle protection brand. They provide superior ceramic coatings, which create a protective barrier between your vehicle and substances that could harm its look, feel, or function. Fireball has an expansive product lineup, designed with you in mind. KP Elite utilizes their various products to cover every aspect of your vehicle's care and protection, so that there are no gaps in the vehicle’s defenses.

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